Maria "Chona" Boronda

Jose Manuel Boronda was born in Spain and arrived in California about 1790. He was a corporal in the Spanish army assigned to the Presidio of San Francisco. He and Blas Martinez were granted Rancho Tucho near Castroville and he established a school near Monterey called Tularcitos. He built the first adobe home outside of the fort at Monterey located in the vicintiy of North Salinas. He married fourteen-year old Gertrudis Higuera at Mission Santa Clara and their first born on January, 17 1792 was Jose Canuto.

Jose Canuto Boronda was a soldier at Monterey and Missions San Antonio, San Miguel and San Juan Bautista. He married Francisca Castro and they had nine children. He "apparently" received the land grant of Rancho Potrero in about 1842.
This rancho encompased North San Luis Obispo and Cal Poly.

Rancho Potrero consisted of one square legion (about 2.633 miles) A patent was granted to his daughter Maria Concepcion "Chona" Boronda in 1870. Juan and Francisca's first born (also Maria Concepcion) died a month after her birth in June of 1817) Maria Chona was born in 1820. She married Oliver Delaissegues a French Sea Captain and had five children. After his death she married Jose Maria Munoz in 1851 and had four more children. In 1870 Chona received a patent for the 3,506 acres of land. In 1878 Juan Canuto was still living at the Rancho. This remarkable woman lived eighty-four years and died in Nipomo in 1906.
(Maria Concepcion Boronda--b. 1820, d. 1906)

The above information provided by Dennis Copeland, California History Room, Monterey Public Library. For a lively account of Epifano, the eighth child of Juan and Francisca see "Boronda, the kindly rogue" by Alonzo Dana available at
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