The Barber Shop

This older photo (on the left) was taken about 1960. At that time Lendyl Johnson was probably still barbering. If you are from out of town and want to hear more about the history of this area, you should visit Mike's shop
Lendyl Johnson was from Colorado. He and his brother were bakers and they had a bakery around the corner from the present barbershop. It may be the same building where a pizza place now exists. It was two story at the time and there were apartments above. Lendyl was a real character and loved to hunt. Half the town was invariably angry with him because he was off hunting when they wanted a haircut. Please note the necktie. Now that was a different era.
Mike, (on the left) a Morro Bay native, was born in the Little Morro Creek vicinity. His parents came from Hanford in 1928. He attended Morro School, then San Luis High where he was a football standout.
In these next recent photographs (November 2004), Mike is doing a first haircut for Ian Vigo Hansen. Ian is a fouth generation Hansen to have his haircut by Mike. It began about 1960 with Vigo Hansen then Vic, Eric (holding Ian) and Ian.

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